You know what to eat.  You get that a plant-based, whole foods diet is infinitely more likely to keep you healthy and looking hot.  The challenge isn’t knowing what to eat, but rather how make eating that way doable and delicious while maintaining your naturally happy state.

To blast off on the Healthy Happy Hottie path you will need to accomplish three things now.

  • Understand the Healthy Happy Hottie trinity
  • Get clear on what you want
  • Acknowledge where you are starting from

Important note before we jump in...

Because we are focused on your path- not a path- you will receive suggestions, tips and guidance that will prompt you to customize your experience.  There is a comments section under each recipe, video and lesson in our hotties-only website. Use those areas to speak up and get help.  If something doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine.  But please consider opening up and sharing your challenges or concerns because there may be simple tweaks or alternatives that can give you the same benefit as the concepts or foods you have concerns about.


Let’s look at each part of the trinity.  As we do, keep in mind that each part effects the whole. No one aspect is truly separate from the others.  That said, for conversation’s sake we will separate them so we can see where to focus our energy, time and money to make changes in that area. In each section our aim is to exert enough resources to maintain what we are thrilled with and to raise the bar notch by notch in the areas we want to improve without over-straining the whole.

Healthy:  In the trinity Healthy represents physical nourishment, primarily food, rest, and exercise.  This includes recipes and skills to make foods that deliciously support our goals without overtaxing out budgets of time or money.  This means we have a fitness routine that shapes our bodies as we desire. And it means we prioritize getting the right amount of rest and relaxation for our individual needs.

Happy:  This represents our level of emotional connection with ourselves and with others.  When we are Happy, we feel loved and appreciated, we feel fulfilled in our work and our relationships.  Energy out equals energy in and the equation feels balanced.  We give love, time, money, skills, attention, power and we get back a life we love.

Hottie:  The “Hottie” in Healthy Happy Hotties represents our willingness to prioritize  Self Care.  Yes, it applies to taking physical care of ourselves with things like hair appointments, massages, facials, manicures, and waxing wherever you feel the need to wax.  But it applies to every area of our lives and it requires a willingness to fix what’s broken.  Hotties look at every area of their lives, from finances to spirituality, and make any change necessary to make their vision for that area a reality.  This puts a sexy strut in your step like like no pair of Jimmy Choos cold ever do.



With all the conflicting health and nutritional advice out there it’s hard to know what to do.  And when you do choose a path to follow, it’s not always clear how to implement it in your every day life.  It can be so stressful that you might end up healthy and hot, but not happy because you’ve spent yourself trying to make it all work.   

Help is here!

Band together for some healthy playtime that is bound to keep both your spirit and your butt perky!  No more going it alone.  No more stressing out.  It’s time to create ease and grace around the proper feeding and care of YOU!

Each month we cover 5 major topics...

  • Healthy Happy Hotties Members AreaMind Games: the mental and emotional aspects of caring for you
  • Hottie School:  health and nutrition information made easy and fun 
  • Applied Kitchen Science: applying the hottie school concepts at every meal with lots of seasonal recipes 
  • The Healthy Challenge: one of your favorite “naughty” dishes get a nice make over 
  • Phys Ed: the inside scoop on exercises that support your inner and outer hottie


All this fun, helpful stuff will be available for you in our 'Hotties-Only' membership siteThis is an interactive community. You have Q&A support from me and all our guest chefs and experts. Plus you get the feedback and support of your fellow hotties who are making health happen in their lives everyday. 

Wanna play? Healthy Happy Hotties is only $26.80 per month. That's less than .90 cents per day. And yes, it comes with a full 60 day, risk free guarantee. Cancel at any time.

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